The Folding City

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The Folding City

Based on the 2016 Hugo award winning novelette by Chinese sci-fi writer, Hao Jingfang, The Folding City tells the story of a futuristic city where buildings fold and separate a city into three Spaces. A waste disposal worker living in Third Space discovers something in the trash that starts him on a journey to the other two Spaces of the Folding City. [currently in development]

- Chinese author Hao Jingfang wins Hugo Award for Best Novelette with ‘Folding Beijing’
- Hugo-nominated Chinese author Hao Jingfang talks sci-fi, inner journeys and inequality
- Chinese science fiction on the rise with Hugo Award win for author Hao Jingfang

2016 recipient of the 15-epiosde webcomic grant from the Korean Manhwa Contents Agency. Adaptation by Josh Kim and Edward Gunawan. To be published by TappyToon in early 2017.